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Divorce Tips

1. Obtain a copy of your credit profile. You can get a free copy of your credit report from It is wise to do so before or as you start your case.


2. You should cancel all joint credit cards. It is better to have your own credit card standing in your own name alone and not be connected with your former spouse on any credit cards as you move through a divorce proceeding. Existing credit card debt will be a community debt.


3. You may wish to take ½ of all available funds in joint checking and savings accounts. However, caution must be made to insure that when you remove the funds that all outstanding checks written by either party are allowed to clear the bank so there are sufficient funds to cover all outstanding debits and checks. It is also appropriate to advise your former spouse you have done so.


4. You should revoke any wills or living trusts that you currently have with your spouse. Between the time of filing for divorce and the entry of judgment in the unlikely event of one parties untimely death the dispositions of your property should not be based upon an old will or trust.


5. You should not cancel any automobile or health insurance coverage.

6. You should amend your W-4 to reflect your new tax status so you do not underpay your federal and state tax during the period of dissolution.

7. Gather all your financial information and make copies to provide to your counsel. You should have copies of at least 3 years of your tax returns, credit card statements, bank statements and retirement statements and any and all other financial documentation should be copied and available for you to present to your counsel.

8. Do not put your personal information or concerns regarding you pending divorce or ongoing divorce in writing/pictures in any online social network site nor in any emails.

9. All communications with your former spouse that are in writing by email, text, or letter should be conducted in a business like manner as those documents can be used in court proceedings.

10. Support your children but do NOT involve them in the litigation or use them as go between for information between you and your former spouse.

11. You may wish to take photographs of furnishings, property, homes, and vehicles.

12. You shouldn’t “bad mouth” the other parent to your children or allow others to do so.

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